Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Performance! - 9:20 Special

With the launch of our new weekly dance, The Lindy Connection, my mind is overflowing with visions of the future Tampa Lindy Hop Scene.

This future version of us will be awesome.

We'll break down old stereotypes; we'll shed our egos and make ourselves vulnerable in order to learn more from each other and grow in our dancing; we'll learn; we'll push ourselves; we'll travel; we'll connect; we'll enjoy; we'll dance.

Hopes and dreams are funny things.  They're hard to predict and hard to pin down - and oftentimes the vision is always a destination just over the next hill, and maybe that's how it should always be.  We have a direction though, and an enthusiastic group who are committed and ready for the next step down that path, and that's great.

My post today is a very recent video by the staff of the 9:20 Special in San Francisco.  (I've posted about them before. Their class recaps are great.)

This post is a group performance and stands as an inspiration to me.  I don't believe our scene has the quality of dancers yet to pull off something like this.  I know this is above my level, personally.

But here's the thing.  One day we will be able to do something like this.  We'll all work together and we'll get there.

I'm excited about the plans we are unveiling in the coming weeks and I hope you're all ready to jump in and join us.

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