Monday, May 5, 2014

Zendah Grotto Mini Workshop Recap 5/4/14

And we're back!

Last week we didn't have a recap because it was review week.  We did add some Texas Tommy variants, but that was all of the new content.

This week you'll have noticed that I don't have a video at the top of this post.  We recorded a recap in which you would have seen Jennifer Lai, guest instructor extrodinaire, and myself showing the variety of connection drills we did and how these make sense inside your swingout.  But there was a malfunction and Jen's internet fame will just have to wait.

So, I've included some clips below from some other people who I don't know showing something similar to what we did.  It's the next best thing, plus there's also other content we didn't do.  Enjoy.

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