Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Jam Cellar - Lesson Recaps

Okay.  I couldn't help it.  I was going to hold off on posting another video until this weekend and then establish a once a week pattern, but with everyone headed down to Soflex I thought I'd give you guys some great ideas to bring with you.

Head over to The Jam Cellar and look up their lesson recaps. They also have a YouTube Channel that chronicles years of these wonderful lessons.

So what will you find, you ask?
  • Solid explanations of Lindy Hop basics?     Check. 
  • More advanced Lindy Hop?     Check. 
  • Charleston?     Check. 
  • Balboa?      Check. 
  • Solo Jazz?      Check. 
  • Nationally known instructors including Andy Reed, Naomi Uyama, Bobby White, Kate Hedin, Nick Williams, and even post-Floridian Crista Seipp?      Check. 
  • Wisdom, humor, and a really echoey room?       Check. 
These are not your average free lessons either, which makes online and free an awesome price.

Also, if you're ever up in the DC area on a Tuesday night I highly advise stopping in.  The crowd is friendly, the building is cool, the rooms are hot and so is the jazz.  Seriously though, it gets really hot.  Bring an extra shirt or two.

At the top of the page Bobby and Kate* show off some subtle Lindy Hop movements - Swivel variations for follows and mule kicks for leads.  I really like the nuanced differences between the swivels.  

Also also, if anyone would like to take pictures or videos while at Soflex to post on the blog, or write a short review of the event, please let me know.  I won't be going but I'd like to start cataloging and promoting local events and could use the help.  Thanks.

*Bobby and Kate share a website at and Bobby's blog Swungover is always insightful and entertaining.

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