Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maximiliano Prado and Agustina Zero

Thanks to Wandering and Pondering via Julie McNett, here's a quick post with an awesome video featuring Argentinean Lindy Hop instructors Maximiliano Prado and Agustina Zero throwing it down.

Beyond the solid dancing and cute setup of the video what I love most is the laundry list of traditional Lindy Hop steps sprinkled throughout the film.  Can you do all of these?

Here's an idea - let's get together and go through this video and see if we can perform each of their movements.  When we get to one that we can't (or needs work) we practice that step until we get it down and then move on to the next part of the video.  This might (and probably will) take weeks to get through initially, and then years to perfect, but it's a start.

Or here's another idea - a series of lessons based on all of the most fundamental and historically authentic moves.  It would serve the same purpose of increasing all of our abilities while focusing us on the same page.

This is probably overly simplistic, so let's get a conversation started.  Is this a good idea?


veasse said...

how did i miss this? it was so cute, and there were some really great moves in here

Unknown said...

I seem to have missed this one too. I want to learn a lot of these!

Tom Blair said...

Who are you, unknown poster? I think it would be great to work on all of these.

Agustina Zero said...

Wow!! Thank you guyss! So happy you liked it!