Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Swing Music for Dancers - Turntable

Based on a suggestion from Don Kruse* via Les J Wardell* I've stumbled into a magical new land called Turntable where DJ's and DJ wannabes (like me) can take turns spinning their tunes into the vast unknown called the interwebs.

What's especially interesting to me, and the topic of this blog, is a room called Swing Music for Dancers.  I've spent a bit of time already sharing some of my tunes, seeing what others think, and discovering some great stuff to add to my collection.

The site isn't just for DJ's, though.  Anyone can enter a room to just listen to the tunes and vote on whether a specific song is "lame" or "awesome", which updates the meter and can add points to the current DJ or, if the meter drops too much, cancel the current song and pass the baton to the next DJ.   

By and large (what a funny expression), the general consensus in the room is for music that's good for dancing.  I've been privy to conversations with experienced DJ's and newer users discussing why or why not certain songs are up or down-voted.  The drop of the ax is not contingent on the quality or popularity of a song, but on if people find it to be dance-able.  

Does the song move you?  Does it swing?  Does the rhythm get into your soul and make you want to move your feet?  Does the song feel like Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa?

Give it a try or just open the page, join the audience, and let it play in the background at work.  I've found it to be a great place to discover new (to me) songs and have informed conversations with other lovers of Swing Music for Dancers.


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