Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beantown Bounce - Bobby & Kate

Thanks again to my friend Heather Warner-Dubin for another great video suggestion.  She recently had the time of her life at Beantown Camp and has been posting a ton of videos from the event.

This video features Bobby and Kate, who somehow just keep getting better.  Since Lindy Hop is the focus for this blog I don't usually post Balboa videos, but Balboa is another love of mine and with so many Lindy Hoppers also dabbling in Balboa I thought it was appropriate.  (Hmm, how many more times can I fit Balboa into a sentence?)

Is it odd that I find this performance refined, smooth, mature, and also cute at the same time?  Maybe the cute comes from the blending of their personalities - Kate's calm, confident demeanor crossed with Bobby's excited grin and wide eyes.

I highly recommend taking a class with them if you get a chance.  They're both very intelligent and clear instructors with a deep understanding of their profession.  I also recommend reading Bobby's blog, Swungover.  He's a wonderful writer who regularly presents very interesting insights about swing dancing and life in general.

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love how you said that Kate is confident, as she told a lovely story at Beantown of her long journey toward having more of a strong presence. Her grace, poise, and dignity shine forth, too. And, oh, what to say about Bobby?? He uses his height so well, his hair, his flashing eyes, his joyous smile! And then he moves! Every gesture originating in his desire to express joy through swing music, not to mention his physical core... Delight and more delight to the senses! And this video does not do them justice. To be there live, watching this, was much more impressive. And then to scoot out of the way as Kate is led on the social dance floor! Ack! And to dance with Bobby, who routinely takes the blame when I do something wrong! Ah! So much love for Bobby and Kate...