Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Refined Yet Raw - Dax Hock & Sarah Breck

Thanks to Caitlin Greene for posting this on her facebook last week.  This is a performance from the ever talented and interesting Dax (sans mustache) and Sarah.

So let's just get to the point with this performance.  There is something happening here that is significantly different than what we're used to seeing in performance Lindy Hop.  On Caitlin's page I posted that this video, to me, seems completely refined and yet very raw.  Their steps, technique, coordination is really solid and still there's this almost animistic and aggressive quality I can't recall ever seeing in their dancing before.

The song starts out cool and calm enough.  "I like pie, I like cake..." They work in some typically (for them) solid jazz movements and coordinated partner stuff.  And then the song keeps building, and building.  Maybe they are feeding off the energy of the audience, or maybe there's a fire in their feet and something in their eyes that tells me they're really selling this.  He begins to swing out with more force, still coordinated yet a bit less carefully, and her hair ends up in her face.

Maybe they just really like pie and cake and everything she "bakes," or maybe this is a moment of inspiration.  Either way, I like the energy of this.

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Unknown said...

I think I've seen this routine before. It was not this good. I don't know if it was further practice, (or less practice?), or the crowd, but this is very very special.