Friday, October 26, 2012

Double Events, plus Clips

With two simultaneous events next weekend, A Floor Divided and The Eastern Balboa Championship, I thought it would be keen of me to post some associated material.

First up is a recent Intermediate lesson recap featuring Peter and Naomi.  Peter is a master social lead and everyone attending A Floor Divided next weekend will benefit immensely from his instruction.

On a side note, check out all of the Uptown Swing lesson recaps for more great stuff to use in your dancing.

EBC is the other event happening that very same weekend.  My last visit to EBC was back on 2008, and if any of you have been to EBC you know that wackiness is a fundamental component.

During the event in 2008 they featured all of the instructors and had them dance to a previously un-announced song.  Nick and Sylvia were fortunate enough to get this gem; the original video is posted below for context.

Oh the magic of deleting just a single word.  Nick and Sylvia were great sports.

I'm sure both events will be awesome and I know I'm looking forward to more wackiness.

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