Monday, November 12, 2012

Why you should know who Laura Windley is...

At EBC this year I met a Care Bear.  Well, I didn't actually meet a Care Bear, but a woman dressed as a Care Bear during the first night's Halloween costume contest.

But that's not exactly true either, you see.  I didn't meet her when she was dressed as a Care Bear, but 3 nights later when she was dressed in a nice vintage outfit.  Confused yet?

Her name is Laura Windley and she's a pretty awesome individual.  Yes, she created a home made Care Bear outfit, but even cooler than that she's also the singer and co-creator of the Mint Julep Jazz Band AND runs the blog Lindy Shopper about vintage clothing for the Lindy Hop Scene!

I know, right.  How cool is that?

The Mint Julep Jazz Band played the 2nd night of EBC, and they were spectacular.  They're a new group based out of North Carolina and they're just starting to play shows out, but they already sound like a seasoned and professional dance band.  I told Laura that her voice and performance was great.  She has a tone and phrasing that sits "right in the pocket."  You can tell she's studied the original Jazz vocalists and manages to both pay homage to their styles while creating something completely her own.  I was very impressed.

They've also started a kick starter campaign to fund their first album recording!  I'm all for more and more great current musicians playing the types of Jazz music I enjoy dancing to, and I know that many of you are too.  So get in early and help fund their awesome music!

Another thing I know that many of you are into is vintage clothing, so be sure to check out her blog, Lindy Shopper.  Set a bookmark and visit it regularly.  There's a lot of great information and you can tell that vintage EVERYTHING is her passion.

Enjoy the links and let her know what you think of her blog and music.

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