Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shoop Doop Yah-te-dah - Mike & Nina

It's about time I featured these two.  This is a class recap by Mike Faltesek and Nina Gilkenson from the Seoul Lindy Exchange 2010.  

What I like most: Slapping the knee AND THEN turning and slapping the other knee!

I also really like:  Reversing the Susie-Q's and going the other way around.

What I don't really care for:  The swivel walk at the beginning.  It feels a little too effeminate for the male.  Maybe there's a way to do a different kind of walk instead?  Boogie forward?

Also, did you notice something similar to a video I posted recently?  I wonder if this is where the first video couple got it from.

Let's play with our social dancing more - I like the spirit of this.

And then there's this:

Shoop doop ya-te-dah...

You got that?  Awesome and fun stuff.  Who wants to practice these with me?


veasse said...

Agreed with your comments. I like the suzy q and knee slapping goodness. the first portion I didnt feel like they were doing it lead and follow at all. not that it couldnt be just that it wasn't at all. also, yes on the swivelies looking a bit fem.

Anonymous said...

The swivels are a classic Frankie move - they're like a mini dip, if you know it, you go along whether the lead is actually lead or not.