Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SOLA 2012 Advanced Strictly Lindy Hop Finals

*As far as I know this video exists only on Facebook right now, so I can't place it directly into the blog.

Take a look at it HERE.

SOLA has become a yearly event in Orlando featuring two nights of competitions for beginner and advanced dancers.  The linked video shows the Advanced Strictly Lindy Hop Finals.  There are also Jack and Jill and Balboa competitions for both levels.

Congratulations to all of the competitors. Speaking from the perspective of a Tampa resident, I'm glad that our sister Lindy Hop scene in Orlando is working to continually improve and competes with such spirit and excitement.

So here's the the thing, Tampa.  What are we bringing next year?  What do we need to do to join in the fun and show them that we can throw down too?  

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cindiasaurus said...

Let me preface by saying everyone looked awesome and I'm glad they seemed to have such a good-hearted competition going!

However good they looked though, I must say that nothing in their dances surprised me - that is, they seemed to all be doing fairly standard moves. I didn't see anything that made me go OH I WISH I COULD DO THAT! I think that if we Tampawesomes work on incorporating more jazz movements and playing with different elements of the music more in our dancing (and more GUSH, always more gush!), we could give them a run for their money.