Monday, September 17, 2012

Featured Lindy Hopper - Heather Warner-Dubin

Our next featured Lindy Hopper has submerged herself in the scene since 2008 and seems to barely come up for air.  In other words, is there a dance in Tampa or Orlando tonight worth attending?  Yes?  Ok, you'll see her there.

She's also an avid traveler for Lindy Hop events, a Lindy Hop video guru, and has an never-ending drive to push her dancing further and further.  Oh, and she's pretty awesome too if you didn't gather that yet.

1) What types of dancing did you do before Lindy Hop? 

None. I danced around the house as a small child, but learned to hide in my room when I did it so no one would laugh at my clumsiness or my grand attempts at glory! Wait, does shakin' my tail in clubs during college count? No, I didn't think so... 

 2) How and when did you start Lindy Hopping? 

In September of 2008, I was a bit lost after unexpectedly returning to the U.S.A. after mission work. I went on a blind date to Zendah Grotto, and fell in love--with dancing; not the dude! East Coast Swing bored me after a few months, and I tried to learn Lindy. It didn't first. I persevered, attended a workshop at USF with Forrest and Sarah, Brendan and Andrea, and Hurley, and a month or so later I was at SoFLeX! 

3) Have you traveled much for dancing? What is your favorite event you've attended? 

I have traveled perhaps too much. I went to SoFLeX, ORLX, and CHEX my first year dancing, and then in 2010 I made myself the challenge to go to 12 out-of-town events, which I met. I've been to Lindy Focus in NC (fourth year this year!), Beantown in MA (my present favorite), Swing into Spring in SC, Satchmo Fest in NOLA, and about 10 non-workshop-based exchanges. I've danced with many instructors from around the globe, and I'll never regret any of the thousands of dollars poured into Lindy each year... 

4) If you could pick a song that makes you want to just get on the floor and cut-a-rug, what would you pick? 

Melissa stole mine! Haha... Go check out her interview! Dat's my JAM! 

5) What drives you to keep dancing? 

Perfectionism. Ha! But seriously, to paraphrase M.C. Escher, I do it because I want so very badly to do it well. Dance is like a language; in order to fully communicate what you wish, you must know tons of vocabulary and proper grammar, so constant practice and education is necessary. Dance is also improv art in an impassioned moment, and without easily-accessible skills, there is no way to create art fit for that moment of passion! 

6) Do you have a favorite dance memory? What is it? 

I have too many to recall on a whim, but my recent fave was a workshop with William and Maeva (French pros) where I finally understood the stretch in Lindy hop. I squealed and spun in circles in the middle of class! Or was it dancing with Bobby White...? Or...? Hm, too many... 

7) What advice would you give to new Lindy Hoppers? 

Go to ALL the free lessons you can, at AS MANY weekly dances as possible. When that stops producing results, get a private lesson from a local pro or go to a local workshop. Then TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL to as many workshop weekends or exchanges as your job and finances allow.

8) Please share with us a Lindy Hop video that you find inspiring to you.

I think I'm going to go with this video as I can't find any other where so much happens, and I gasped so often!

Thanks, Heather!

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