Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Featured Lindy Hopper - Melissa Reilly

Here at Lindy Hop Weekly we're starting a new series featuring some of Tampa Bay's most awesome individuals who happen to love Lindy Hop.

This week Melissa Reilly was kind enough to answer some questions and send us some links. She's a very natural dancer with a diverse background and also happens to be one of the core group running The Lindy Connection every week.

(Photo: She's at the front with the red flower in her hair and the pink fan)

1) What types of dancing did you do before 
Lindy Hop?

Ballet, modern/contemporary, belly dancing, salsa, some tap, basic ballroom

2) How and when did you start Lindy Hopping? 

I started Lindy in 2005. I took a swing dance class at USF (not the Swinging Bulls) I received credit for it. The instructor brought up different places we can go social swing dancing. I first went to Gulf Port Casino and then I found out about Zendah. 

3) Have you traveled much for dancing? What is your favorite event you've attended? 

I haven’t traveled as much as I would like. I have been to SoFlex, Pittstop, San Francisco (9:20 Special and Lindy in the Park), Lindyfest in Houston, went to a Jazz Fest in Tokyo, Japan, and Dublindy in Dublin, Ireland. My favorite event would be Lindyfest and that is because I had instruction from the best. I also had the opportunity to dance with Skye Humphries and Peter Strom. This year I would like to go to Lindy Focus (finally!)

4) If you could pick a song that makes you want to just get on the floor and cut-a-rug, what would you pick? 

I love Sidney Bechet. If I would pick song it would be Blue My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me by Sidney Bechet. 

5) What drives you to keep dancing?

I really enjoy partner dancing. I also like the music and people. 

6) Do you have a favorite dance memory? What is it? 

Yes! It was when Dervon Chang, Patrick Foley, Mo’Joe, Matthew Keen, Pamela Stergios and I went in Bill Flanery’s motor home for SoFlex 2007. (Photo Right)

7) What advice would you give to new Lindy Hoppers?

My advice would be to social dance as much as possible. If you are able to, travel and go to different Lindy events. Dance with the pros!

8) Please share with us a Lindy Hop video you find inspiring.

I find this video pretty inspiring:)

Awesome pick.  That's one of my favorites too.

Thanks, Melissa!

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