Monday, September 10, 2012

Featured Lindy Hopper - Walter Ley

We're continuing our Featured Lindy Hopper series this week with another awesome individual, Walter Ley.

A fairly recent edition to the Tampa Lindy Hop scene, Walter has quickly picked up the dance and you can usually find him at almost all of the main dances every week.  Whether it's discussing this year's ILHC videos or making jokes over "Family Dinner" after the dance at Steak-n-Shake, Walter is as friendly and fun socially as he is on the dance floor.  He's not hard to spot, so ask him for a dance at the next Lindy Connection or strike up a conversation about something other than how tall he is.

I decided to highlight Walter because of the energy he brings to the dances every week.  He just exudes a love of Lindy Hop and you can tell that he is always practicing and improving.  A dance full of Watlers would be amazing to behold, for a number of reasons.

1) What types of dancing did you do before Lindy Hop?

East Coast swing was the first type of dancing I had ever done, and I began Lindy about 6 months after starting East Coast.

2) How and when did you start Lindy Hopping?

Janie Friedman and I first got seriously involved in Lindy Hop after going to a workshop taught by Sheven at the Zendah Grotto. After that we just learned from lessons that Seth taught at the Zendah Grotto. 

3) Have you traveled much for dancing? What is your favorite event you've attended?

Not nearly as much I would like to! My favorite, and pretty much only, event I've been to is Beantown 2012. There were so many great instructors who taught amazing lessons, and amazing dancers and bands that made to social dances a lot of fun.

4) If you could pick a song that makes you want to just get on the floor and cut-a-rug, what would you pick? 

Lately I've been listening to a lot of stuff by Gordon Webster. I think my favorite song of theirs is Five Foot Two.

5) What drives you to keep dancing?

I love the people and the music, and creating new patterns and variations. I love that no two nights of dancing are exactly the same, and there's always new things to learn, perfect, and make your own.

6) Do you have a favorite dance memory? What is it?

Definitely going to Beantown Camp with Margie Sweeny and Heather Warner-Dubin. The highlight of the camp for me was getting to dance with MaƩva Truntzer.

7) What advice would you give to new Lindy Hoppers?

Learn good technique early on from good dancers, because if you let yourself form bad habits, it can be very hard to break them early on. And also dancing and going to as many lessons as you can will really help you to get good quickly.

8) Please share with us a Lindy Hop video you find inspiring.

My favorite video is probably the ILHC 2011 Strictly because it's got so many great dancers with such a wide range of styles. 

Thanks, Walter!

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