Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Chase!

This last year's International Lindy Hop Championship showcased many couples performing a move (and variations) found originally in the movie Hellzapoppin.  Performed by Whitey's Lindy Hoppers this move has come to be known as The Chase.

Warning: I've hot linked the heck out of this post.  I hope you take the time to follow these links and learn about all the awesomeness I'm too lazy to recap here.

The first video is a compilation of all of the different performances of the Chase throughout the ILHC 2011 competition.  I know, it looks crazy - and that's why it's so cool and why you should take some time to try it out.

I've included a video below of Ann Mony and Carl Nelson doing their video recap thing from the 920 Special (a wonderful venue in San Francisco) lesson on the Chase.  

Just like the Jam Cellar, the 920 Special video recaps are a wealth of information from some well recognized instructors.  I highly recommend spending a few minutes a week just searching through the lessons for new ideas.


Bulldogb said...

Very cool. I love the varied interpretations.

cindiasaurus said...

Do you consider this something that could be thrown into social dancing or only used in choreographed dances?

Tom Blair said...

I think it's possible to do it socially as long as both parties share a common understanding of entering and exiting the pattern - much like other types of separated movements, i.e. boogie back - boogie forward.

Patrick said...

I'm sure this could be integrated into social dancing at the intermediate level or higher, the only requirement being a basic understanding of jazz footwork and the willingness to play.

I love seeing this kind of stuff in dance, especially at a venue as defining as ILHC because I think these moves truly depict the FUN and LIGHT nature of the Lindy Hop.