Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lone Star Invitational Jack & Jill Craziness!

2012 Lone Star Invitational Jack & Jill

Every January in Austin, Texas something magical happens.  It's called the Lone Star Invitational Jack & Jill.  

There's a Lindy Hop spirit in Austin that's unmatched.  The scene pulses with energy and a love of the dance - and the Lone Star event is no different.

What is quite different, as you'll see in these videos, is the way they run their invitational Jack & Jills.  

Each year we're treated to National Level dancers and instructors paired up at random and given two songs.  The first is a typical 30's or 40's Jazz staple - the kind of songs that are played regularly at every event.  The second song is some sort of surprise.

This year, the surprise was a selection of 70's, 80's or 90's music.  In years past there has been everything from Sweet Soul Jams to Neo-Swing.  What these great dancers do with these songs is both hilarious and amazing.

I've posted the last three years, but feel free to follow these to youtube to search out all of the other great videos from this awesome event.

2011 Lone Star Invitational Jack & Jill

2010 Lone Star Invitational Jack & Jill

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